Trendy +

in Induction Cook Tops

INR 3659.00


Salient Features
  • One Touch Menu
    First Induction Cook tops with Pre-programmed Indian Menu’s Available with 6 Preset options like Gravy, Roti/Dosa, Fry, Idli and Milk/Tea
  • Highly Efficient
    4 Times more savings compared to traditional cooking.
    The Pre-programmed "Indian Menu" setting is controlled by IGBT which enables automatic switching (on/off) of power supply resulting in less power consumption
  • Safety
    Programmed timer control will switch of induction cooker automatically when unattended
    PVC insulated 2 Core 1 Flexi cord with 10 Amps 3 Pin plug top for protection against short circuit
  • Convenience
    Large heating base to accommodate vessels with larger base
    Longer Wire cord length for convenience
  • Durability
    The high quality ceramic plate can withstand very high temperature hence our ICT's are highly durable
  • Reliability
    One Year Warranty
    Life Long Free Service
Technical Specifications
  • Model No. : Trendy + - IC 116
  • Voltage: 230V AC 50 Hz
  • Type: Button
  • Rated Power (W): 1600 Watt
  • Heating Diameter (Cm): 195
  • Power Adjustment (W): 120 – 1600
  • Product Size (Cms): 35 x 27 x 6.4
  • Power Cord Length (Cm): 128
  • Gross Weight (Kg): 2.5
  • Min.Side Space (Cm): 12
  • Carton Size (Cm): 38.3 x 32 x 10.5


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